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REQUIREMENTS FOR ALL DOGS (Daycare or Boarding):
  • Friendly, easy going demeanor with other dogs and people
  • Fully Housebroken
  • Spayed or Neutered
  • Current on DHPPv, Bordetella and Rabies vaccinations
  • Current with a Flea & Tick preventative
  • Current with a Dewormer  (Heartworm, Tapeworm, Whipworm, etc...) 
  • Kennel/Crate Trained - Dogs are kenneled overnight and during midday rest periods so they can feel safe while they sleep. They must be comfortable and relaxed when kenneled.  
  • All dogs should have basic good "doggy manners" and comply with a request to "Sit," "Off," "Come" etc...
  • Any recent injuries, illness or surgery,  health or dietary restrictions must be disclosed in writing.
  • All dogs must be leashed and under your control during arrival and departure.
We offer a communal environment for dogs to stay and play and we want them to enjoy their visit.  Since certain behaviors create stress for the other dogs in our care and/or present a liability to us, we cannot accept dogs that are.....
  • Aggressive 
  • Have severe anxiety
  • Have a rough play style
  • Fence jumpers or climbers
  • Door darters
We like to give each dog owner the opportunity to meet us and ask questions so you feel comfortable leaving your dog in our care.  We also ask questions and assess your dogs basic behavior to see how comfortable your pooch may be with us.   In some circumstances, we may request a trial daycare visit to further evaluate their behavior.  Please keep in mind that this is our home, not a commercial facility. As such, all visits are scheduled by appointment only. 
When you come for your consultation, please bring the following:
  • Vaccination Record  - DHPPv, Bordatella and Rabies must be up to date or have an acceptable titre value per your veterinarian's recommendation.
  • Registration & Agreement Packet  -  Click on the button below.
  • Dogs must be current with an effective Flea & Tick preventative and Dewormer

Registration & Agreement

What is a trial daycare visit?  Every dog has its’ own unique personality, play style and quirks. We care for a lot of littles, seniors and gentle dogs that prefer a calm place to stay & play so introducing new dogs that have a similar personality or play style is an important element in maintaining a low stress environment.  If we have any concerns during the consultation, we'll ask for a trial daycare visit which allows us an opportunity to better evaluate your dog and determine if they’ll be a good fit with our current group of guest dogs. We want to make sure what we offer is the best fit for you and your pooch. 

What we look for during the trial daycare visit:
  • Is your dog friendly with other dogs and people.
  • What is their play style? Do they play well with others? Are they aggressive during play?
  • Are they curious and interested in their surroundings or are they afraid?
  • If they're nervous, we try to determine if this is normal caution in a new environment or something more.
  • Crate Test - We will do a crate test to determine if your pooch is calm and comfortable in a crate.
General Information:
  • A typical boarding visit includes plenty of playtime, meals & treats, regular potty breaks and outdoor fun (Weather permitting) in a normal home environment. Your dog is a part of our family during their stay!
  • Dog owners provide all meals , medications, medical supplies and supplements for the duration of the stay
  • We provide special treats which include items such as cheese cubes, peanut butter, cottage cheese, plain yogurt, etc... however if there is a dietary restriction, the dogs owner should provide permissable treats. 
  • All food, medication, supplements, treats and supplies must be clearly labeled with your dogs name.
  • We keep chew toys and enrichment games on hand so it isn't necessary to bring additional toys however you’re welcome to do so. Please keep in mind that if you choose to bring toys, they may not be returned in the same condition. 

  • All visits to our home are strictly by appointment only.
  • Please keep in mind that this is not a commercial facility. Although we operate our business from our home, we do not make exceptions to our "Appointment Hours" so we can also enjoy our personal time. We appreciate your consideration and understanding.
  • We do board over the holidays however we do not schedule any pick ups or drop offs on the following days so we can enjoy time with our own family.
  • New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day)

Boarding Rates:
  • $35 - Dogs over 1 year of age
  • $45 - Puppies that are under 1 year of age
  • Additional Holiday Rate of $10 per holiday
  • Monday - Friday  7am - 5:30pm
  • Weekends 8am - 4pm
There is an additional $10 surcharge, for the holidays and additional days listed below.
Holidays:    New Year's Eve, New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, the Day After Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
We do not schedule daycare, pick ups or drop offs on the following holidays so we can spend time with our own family. Thanksgiving Day & Christmas Day

Forms Folder:

NEW CLIENTS:  Everything you need is in the Registration and Agreement Packet. Just print and bring the completed forms with you to the assessment.

Registration & Agreement

Client Checklist

RETURNING CLIENTS:  Do you just need to update some information with us? Just click on the form you need and bring the completed form when you drop off your dog.

Client Information Update  Pet Information Update   Veterinary Release Form


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