Frequently Asked Questions

  • We can be reached at 937-303-1412.  We respond to calls or texts.
  • Voice calls go to voicemail since we are normally busy with the dogs. Please leave us a message and we’ll return your call promptly.
  • Messages are normally responded to between 7am - 5:30pm, Monday - Friday.
  • Our email is
  • We schedule a visit for all new clients to discuss your expectations, answer questions and meet your dog.
  • We assess your dogs behavior to determine if they may be a good addition to our current group of friendly, gentle dogs. 
  • In some circumstances, your dog may be invited for a trial daycare visit so we can better assess their behavior.
  • We ask that you please fully review our Services, Rates & Forms section and our FAQ section since it will answer many of your questions to help you determine if what we offer is right for you & your dog.
  • When you come for your consultation with us, please bring a copy of your dog's vaccination record.
  • Just give us a call @ 937-303-1412 to schedule a visit.  Since we are often busy with other dogs,  phone calls will go to voicemail but we'll return your call promptly.

What we look for during your consultation and the trail daycare visit:
  • Is your dog friendly with other dogs and people.
  • What is their play style? Do they play well with others? Are they aggressive during play?
  • Are they curious and interested in their surroundings or are they afraid?
  • If they're nervous, we try to determine if this is normal caution in a new environment or something more.
  • If a dog snaps at or bites us or another dog, your dog will be kenneled until your return.
  • Owners do not remain on site during a trail daycare visit since your presence may alter your dogs behavior.

No.  It really depends on how your dog responds to us and their behavior during the consulation.  A trail daycare allows us to better evaluate your dog’s general behavior if we have any concerns about how well they will fit with our current group of guest dogs. 
Our group of gentle dogs prefer a calm place to stay & play so introducing new dogs that have a similar personality or play style is an important element in maintaining a low stress environment.
This is a subject that comes up often and it's something we feel very strongly about. We provide dog boarding in our home, not a facility, and this is not a suitable environment for an aggressive, fearful or severely anxious dog. That is too much of a liability for us and we do not have the means to easily separate a problem dog from the play group.

We love the sweet, well behaved dogs that stay with us so we will not accept those that need someone to manage their bad behavior. It's not worth the aggravation, the worry or the potential financial liability in our home.  We built this business for the joy as well as an income. Aggressive and fearful dogs bring a negative energy to our home and current group of gentle pups that we will not accomodate.  There are too many sweet dogs to fill that spot on our schedule.
Most requests are 4-6 weeks in advance however,  if we have an open spot on our schedule, we can accommodate some last minute requests.   We appreciate those who plan ahead but keep in mind that we do not schedule more than 3 months in advance since we also need to plan our own time off.  🙂

Please remember that Holidays, Spring Break and Summer months are the busiest times of year for us. Our calendar fills weeks in advance for those times so give us a call as soon as possible to reserve a spot on the schedule!
Yes we do.  We are a very small family owned business that operates from our home. We will close dates on our calendar once we've reached the maximum number of reservations or when we need to close for a family event.

We'll list close out dates, along with any changes to our hours on the Calendar page of our website.
We add a $10.00 holiday surcharge for each holiday listed below.

Holidays:   New Years Eve, New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, The Day After Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

When scheduling a visit, please keep in mind that on certain holidays, we will be closed so we can enjoy time with our own family. We will have boarding dogs on site but we will not schedule pick up's or drop off's on the following days:
  • Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day
  • We may also have limited hours the day before or after a major holiday. Changes to our normal hours will be listed on our calendar.
  • Food & Treats:   Bring 1-2 extra portions just in case you’re delayed getting home.  Make sure it's clearly labeled with your dogs name.
    • We do give treats to our guest dogs such as cheese cubes, peanut butter, etc.... If your pup has dietary restrictions, the information must be listed on the Registration & Agreement form.
  • Medication, Pill Pockets & Needles:   Make sure it is clearly labeled with your dog's name, the correct dosage & frequency.  
  • Bed, Mat or Blanket:   It gives your pooch comfort when there’s something familiar from hom
  • Sturdy Collar or Harness & Leash:  All dogs must arrive and leave on leash and under the control of the owner.
  • Must be current  with Vaccinations (or titre), Flea & Tick Preventative and Dewormer.   
  • Please remember that if there is not enough food or supplies to last the duration of your dogs visit, we will purchase additional food and may not be able to guarantee the same brand or type. Reimbursement for replacement food and other supplies is due at pick up.
  • Dishes, Toys or Crates
  • Although we make every attempt to prevent dogs from destroying another dogs belongings, we cannot guarantee it will never happen. Do not bring anything of value and keep in mind that any supplies brought may not be returned in the same condition.

Client Checklist
We'll reach out to you immediately! If we're unable to get in touch with you, we'll still take your pet to the nearest veterinarian to secure prompt treatment in an emergency.  Whether you're a new client or returning client, please ensure that the Veterinary Release is up to date and that we have a copy.

Veterinary Release Form

We are proudly insured  though Mourer Foster’s Kennel Pro, a leader in the pet insurance industry. We will gladly provide proof of our insurance coverage, at your request.
All Consultations, Pick Ups & Drop Offs are by appointment only.  
Appointments are scheduled between:
  •  7am - 5:30pm Monday - Friday
  •  8am - 4pm  Weekends

Please keep in mind that we do not operate a commercial facility and don't have employee's to assist us.  We care for dogs in our home and as such, we appreciate your consideration for our busy schedule and privacy.
We understand that plans change sometimes so let us know right away if you need to cancel your reservation.   Please keep in mind that many of our reservations are made several weeks in advance,  so once our schedule is full, we may have to deny a reservation to someone else.  

Keeping an open line of communication is important to us! If you're plans are changing and you're not certain you'll need to keep a reservation, just let us know so we can establish a back up plan for other guests who may need a reservation.

A "No Show" for a reservation or more than one last minute cancellation will result in a denial of future reservation requests.
We accept Cash & PayPal however we will accept a check from existing clients in good standing.
We are honored to be trusted with the care of your pet(s). We assure you that we will respect your privacy and will maintain complete confidentiality on all matters concerning you. We will not share your personal information with any other third party for marketing or promotional reasons. We collect your name, address, phone numbers, email addresses and pet information for the sole purpose of providing quality pet care for you. This information is maintained in a secure online client management system.
Existing Clients – Simply call, text or email! Please let us know if there are any changes to your contact information or any changes to your dog's pet care routine, recent injuries, illness or surgeries.

New Clients –  Simply click on the Registration & Agreement button below. It contains everything you need to get started.
  • A completed Boarding Agreement and a copy of their vaccination record is required before your dogs first stay with us. Feel free to email it or bring it with you, whatever is more convenient. 
Just call or text 937-303-1412 to set up a time for a meet & greet.

Registration & Agreement